An image of Be Stone smiling, with clouds and beach in the background.

Be Stone
(pronouns: they/them)

I am Assistant Professor of Politics and Law at Rhodes College. Previously, I was an American Studies Dissertation Fellow at The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, where I completed my Ph.D.

My research investigates the cultural resonances of key terms deployed by political actors in pursuit of their policy goals. Crossing subfield boundaries, I consider how American political culture influences public policy development from a feminist, critical race, and ordinary language perspective.

I have three years of experience teaching courses in American politics and political theory at Baruch College and Brooklyn College. I have also developed syllabi for courses on U.S. public policy, qualitative and interpretive methods, and thematic topics that cross subfield boundaries.

See my CV, research, teaching, and service pages to learn more about me and my work.